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February 01, 2008


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JoAnne Lenart-Weary

After 30 years I am still amazed we get paid for this. I so often, leave a home, the client and I both in tears. I walk to my car and hear the client call me back to ask, "Don't you want your check?" Oh yeah, I get paid for this too! Way Cool! JoAnne

Jill Kearney

What a great day to be blogging! It is sunny and chilly in the Northeast, but all weekend people were saying that they were SO sick of winter and SOOO ready for Spring!

I too, called a client from last fall, just to see if she still liked her new paint colors and she gushed at how much happier she is when she walks into her kitchen and sees her gorgeous family room! (She said her home was so depressing before and she is a stay-at-home mom... what a shame!!) We DO have a gift to offer to all people who need a respite from the stresses of life today.

By the way, she is so delighted with the colors that she has asked me to come back and reDesign the new space. She also will be "inheriting" her mom's home up in Maine within the next year... so a Staging opportunity has been promised as well!

Can you believe we get PAID for this!!?

With gratitude to all of you who have trained, encouraged and inspired us all!



Hi from Leslye in Virginia. Im looking forward to learning from all of you decorators out there. I am a former nurse and in the nursing profession we have a saying which goes like this "See one, Do one, Teach one." Now I know that people do not want to think that a nurse had never done something before she practiced on you, but it happens everyday. We learn a skill,do it, then teach it to the next nurse. Why should"nt we do this with our staging, marketing and decorating knowledge? If something works, share your knowledge by teaching others to do it and then they can pass it on. What better way to make us all better at what we do best. Blog Happy!!

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