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February 21, 2008


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JoAnne Lenart-Weary

So true, Diana. I recently have been offering a training program called ATM Power Group Marketing. One of the things the participants had to do was to chronicle their last year of sales and clients. What we witnessed when they laid it out on paper was a roller coaster effect in sales figures. In other words, month one was high, month two was low, month three was high, month four was low, etc. On months they are busy, they didn't market, so the next month was slow. Marketing needs to happen always! I have always encouraged entrepreneurs to do one thing every day for their business and the consistency will keep the flow going. For those of you reading this looking for tangible ideas to market your business, you will want to attend The SDP Conference August 6-8 for a power house of ideas. In fact, Diana will be sharing great ideas. You may also want to take advantage of The SDP Lunch and Learn on Monday, March 17th, "Marketing Make-over" JoAnne

Diana, Devine Designs

At our Spring meeting of the Ohio Valley Members of the SDP this week, we discussed the challenges of being in business during these tough economic times.

One of the aspects we noted was that you need to ALWAYS be marketing - and you have some great ideas from others who have posted their comments above.

What I find happens is that when we are busy, we stop marketing because we don't have the time or are afraid that we can't handle the business that will come our way. But what we need to keep in mind is to always be planting seeds (marketing) because you never know when they will be ready to harvest.

It can be a vicious cycle of marketing, getting busy, not marketing, then not having enough business, and then starting over again with marketing.

We need to keep our "funnels" full by marketing even when we're busy. Make it your goal to do one marketing activity a day and watch your business grow.

Diana ;o)


Hi Decorators
I like to make a big marketing push in the Spring and Fall. This year I'm doing my own mail-outs. It's very clever and some of you may already be doing this.

When I get a client that lives in a neighborhood I really like, I enter my clients address in whitepages.com and do a reverse address check. This will give me the entire street of names and addresses. I have a general flyer that I send just by folding it into thirds place a stamp on a good quality paper and it's good to go.

So what's my big push this Spring? I'm targeting older established neighborhoods that I'm sure have not updated their homes in years and brand new neighborhoods that need everything.

When I place them in the mailbox, I tell myself I hope I can keep up with all the calls.

Happy Decorating!

Erica Cooper

I enjoyed your March Marketing tips Carol!
I wanted to add a few suggestions for refreshing our businesses this spring...

* Review your Business Plan: Your business plan should be a "living, breathing" document that guides and evolves with you. Did you review it as you set your goals for the new year? Did you design your marketing around your goals? Did you discover some great things about yourself and your business that can help you set direction for the future?
* Get creative- if this grey wintery time of year (at least for most of us!) brings the duldrums on... think about what it's like for those who aren't the "creative type"! They need our help! Think of fun ways to get your clients out of the house and into the "mood" to decorate and "lighten- up"! A spring event (speaking or otherwise) is always a fun girl's night out- maybe join together with a local kindred spirit business.
* Re-vamp your web site. Add new photos, new testimonials and maybe even new services or specials. Anything to get viewers to stick around for a bit.
* Newsletter- if you aren't already sending one out, start now! There are lots of great things to include in a newsletter: spring decorating tips, fabulous places to shop, new paint colors to try, maybe even throw in a recipe for a spring dessert!
* Get together... find another redesigner in your area (or another kindred spirit) to have lunch and go over ideas and plans. We can learn so much from each other, sometimes the key to getting a new idea rolling is just for someone to say- "That will work great, I believe you can do it, or get moving on that!" Motivation at it's finest.

Most of all, have fun, decorating is fun, running our businesses should be too!

Happy Redesigning...


Love the new blog!Makes it so much easier to get involved.
Definitely pays to market and stay fresh. and what better time to play up renewal than spring? Calling up old clients or sending out newsletters, reminders that you are around are a great boost. I have found joining my local chamber of commerce and attending events, and getting involved in a Chamber network group, has been a huge positive.
I have met so many people, have had a chance to talk about my business, and build up my confidence and networking skills - suddenly you are making connections and people realize they need your services, or they have a client who can use what you do.

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