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March 19, 2008


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Erica Cooper Your Style reDesigned

I am so excited and honored to be on the Development Council. I love the SDP as an organization and all that it represents. It is a way for all of us entrepeneurs to connect, learn, share, and grow in our businesses as if we had a group of partners.
One of the best parts of contributing on the Development Council is the planning for Conference. There are so many wonderful classes, breakouts, sponsors and excitement planned for everyone- I can't wait until August!
What a great way to put a boost in your business- whether you've been in business 10 years or 10 days- to learn new ways to market, offer service and make money!! We not only get the business essentials, but the inspiration that keeps us motivated and creative.
So, don't delay, sign-up for the conference and reserve your spot... Of course don't forget to reserve your room at the gorgeous Resort where it is all being held at. You don't want to be left staying at the Motel 8 with the amenities at the Wild Horse Resort and Spa, oh no! (Yes, it will be hot at that time of year, but really, it's hot everywhere in August, besides, the Spa will ease the heat and stress away....)
Looking forward to seeing all of you in Phoenix!

Kris Porter

Don't forget to get your photos submitted for the Decorating Contest! There are 6 categories. You can learn more on the Home page in the "events" box, by downloading the pdf with all the "rules". Last year's winners were able to take home a hardcover book featuring the 5 Semi-finalist from each category, and could show everyone their winning rooms What a great way to "tell your story", and who doesn't love a good story. Create more buzz with Award Winning photos on your site, in your book, and everywhere you go.

Kris Porter, www.TheSDP.com and www.RedesigningInteriors.com

Jeff Rice, Decor Designs, Inc.

Ha Ha... Thank you Erica for including "men" in your post. Obviously, we're in the minority in this biz. But, aren't we lucky to work with such a talented group of women? Beautiful spaces really are gender-less and I'm looking forward to learning all I can at Conference to keep creating them! Thanks again!

Jeff Rice

Erica Cooper Your Style reDesigned

Absolutely Diana- I agree- the SDP conference will do for us what our redesigns do for our clients. Refresh, renew and inspire! We will gain new perspective, inspiration, and so much enrichment from each other that our businesses will get refreshed and renewed in the process. What else could we expect from a room filled with several hundred creative and fabulous redesigners?!

I have been to many conferences over the years for both redesigners and women in general. I can tell you honestly that the SDP does a fabulous job of making the conference one of the best there is. The classes, breakouts, speakers and information shared are all top notch and geared towards making our businesses more professional, profitable, and creative. (And the redesigners who attend are the most friendly and fun group for sure- nothing but goodwill and support for everyone there.) Money well spent for our businesses.

Being an entrepeneur can be extremely exhausting, daunting and challenging. The SDP is here to support and encourage all of us in that journey. As we grow in ourselves, our ablilities and businesses grow for sure. In what other field can you get that honest and heartfelt encouragement and support? We may be in business by ourselves, but as members of the SDP, we are never in business alone.

If you feel your business is going really well, you need to attend to encourage, share, and contribute your ability to succeed with others. If you feel your business could be doing better, you need to attend to learn from, connect with, and be inspired by those who are running a successful business. We can't have a sucessful conference without both of you. What we both get is priceless.

I am booked and ready to attend- I look forward to seeing all of you there for the connections, learning, and rejuvenation, that we all as women(and men!) business owners need to run a successful business! (And don't forget to book a few hours of spa time at the wonderful resort we are blessed to be staying at!)

See you in Phoenix!

Erica Cooper


Jeff Rice, Decor Designs, Inc.


Have we forgotten that we have men in SDP? Will be nice to see everyone again at Conference. Looking forward to meeting even more SDP members.

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