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March 30, 2008


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JoAnne Lenart-Weary

Glad to see the interest in the Minutes Matter program. I have a meeting with them today (Friday the 18) at 3 to discuss a variety of things. Among this is the possiblity of a discount and possible participation at the conference. We also will be offering a special webinar with them soon. I will keep you all posted. Vendor discounts and connections are a big priority for us as we move forward. JoAnne

Erica Cooper Your Style reDesigned

Thanks for the great review of the Minutes Matter program Marlene. I have been interested in a design program for some time and your glowing comments have made me even more interested in what the Minutes Matter programs offer!

I have used other interior design programs that were so very complicated even my engineer husband who works with CAD programs couldn't figure them out! Needless to say, I was very disappointed.

I am very encouraged with your comments along with the Minutes Matter web site. It appears that the programs really are as simple as they appear to be. Did you take their online webinars or were you able to get up and running right out of the box?

Which programs do you have... do you just have the Studio 2.0 and the QB quoting system? I already have QB and I have the workroom quote my ideas, so I'm not sure if I will need that. Any thoughts from your perspective?

Do you run your program on a laptop or on a desktop PC or MAC?

I have tons of ideas on how to use this program in my business, I'm excited to move forward with a purchase. Does anyone know if they offer a SDP discount?
Thanks for all your help!

Marleen Prater

Hi All, I have to say I love Minutes Matter. I've been using it since January as a new edition to the decorating services that I offer. Ok hold on to your hats... I can honestly say this has increased my business and picking up speed...yes, picking up speed!

Not only is it easy to use Minutes Matter also offers a Quickbooks quoting package that is awesome. I put together this entire proposal package and fancy it up a bit that blows my clients away.

I give the workrooms a copy of the rendering with an actual photo of the room so they can see what the windows look like, and I can give specific instructions to the installer all on official documents. Even the workroom had never seen anything like and they love it.

Check out my website to see an example www.remixedrooms.com It's definitely paid for itself and I can see so much more potential than just window treatments.

They also have a fantastic space planning program that is very real looking. I'm using this as well to give to my clients that just wanted window treatments as a "special thank you" (they don't know they need me for a redesign...yet). This is an entirely a different topic.

Let me know what you all think.

Bobi McGinnis

OK...I'll admit it, Candace can get on my nerves at times. She reminds me of a boss I once had that had a very polarizing personality. You either love her or hate her. I have had friends tell me they hate her show...and others say they love her.

However you feel she always presents us with a great learning experience. I always learn something when I watch her show. So if you are one of those folks that were turned off by one of her segments...give it another try. You might learn something that you can use when you need to be your most creative.

Bobi McGinnis, One Day Decorating of Florida

Kris Porter

I really love Divine Design because I long to have several guys do the work! Chico does such a great job with lighting. I love the fabrics that Candice adds to the projects, and the guy that does the sewing too, but think the lighting is what makes the biggest difference.

I love the learning that takes place at The SDP Webinars. I'm looking forward to learning more each month.
Kris Porter, www.TheSDP.com and www.RedesigningInteriors.com

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