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June 16, 2008


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Beth Batke

I too am excited to hear Mary Carol Garrity! I have 4 books and am especially inspired by "Feather Your Nest..it's All in the Details". I love to study the way she accessorizes a space, layer by layer. She says "I live to break decorating dictates" by doing things NOT the way the so-called decorating experts say they must be done.
Also, her section on "building blocks" contains excellent tips on creating displays and tablescapes using basic things you already have in your own home and also that you will find in your client's home.
I am wondering if there will be an opportunity for Mary Carol to sign her books at conference?


I too, love Mary Carol Garrity. I can't beleive we are so lucky to have her as our keynote speaker at The SDP conference in Phoenix on August 6-8.

I have read everyone of her books and love the fabulous photos. As an interior decorator, I look for inspiration everywhere and her books have defintely inspired me. If you don't have any, run to amazon.com and buy away.

She who dies with the most decorating books...wins!

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