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July 27, 2008


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Julie Martelo/Florida

Tonight I caught the last few minutes of HGTG's top 25 Decorating Mistakes. Did anyone else see it?? Well, the #1 decorating mistake, according to many designers around the country IS... Using Fake Flowers or Plants!! Well, needless to say, I was a bit disappointed since in my decorating, redesign & staging business I use DO use silk plants, and in my own home I have a few silk flowers (not tired and outdated, though)... so I'm just curious.. those of you that offer Interior Design as part of your business... do you ever use fake (silk) plants? What about for Staging? I'm just curious what our industry would say about it.

Jennifer Keener

I can attest to the Power of Placement! I still am amazed how many times that clients who were planning on buying new furniture because they thought it was the problem in the room change their mind once their existing furniture is placed in the perfect arrangement for their family's needs. It truly works everytime!

Sandra Racz

The FAB five really sum it up! It still amazes me when redesigning a space whether it's for me or a client the impact placement has on the space. I love the point I stand back scan the room and think, "Wow, that looks so much better". Think about it, you haven't even added the color, yet. I'm a "rules" gal and the FAB five provide simple steps to a beautiful room. A system always helps to keep me on track and focused.
Remembering the FAB 5 of Placement Success...makes you a success. And there is More Placement Principles to ROCK? Send em on.

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