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July 30, 2008


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Annie Doherty

Thanks for the heads up Theresa, I'm going to look at the site now.

By the way I am enjoying your blog, T's loft, which can be found at Heavenlychic.blogspot.com. Thought the Halloween crows were a wonderful touch in your latest pictures.

If you really want to feel behind in your life...it's only 96 days to Christmas......courtesy of this morning news. Apparently Wal-Mart and some Home Depot stores have ALL their Christmas stock out now as they are scared that we will be so miserable we won't want to buy anything new.

Keep smiling



Attention Faux Finishers (or anyone who loves new painting ideas) I have the site for you to visit...

Visit Carol Leonesio at paintit.typepad.com You can spend hours just browsing her blog looking for amazing ideas for different painting projects. Her website is paintit.biz

Enjoy the Inspiration!

Theresa Cox

Annie Doherty

Hi Denny

Thanks for the encouragement.
It was Paula Henry who gave the great advice for husbands...thanks Paula.

I am hoping to post a new blog today BUT we have a Hurricane slowly making her way towards us in Florida and we have to pack up and move as we are in a low lying area.

I had such fun at the Conference, with many ideas running around my head and the great people I caught up with, I still haven't finished processing all the information.


Denny Gaskell

Annie-I just want to say that I found all your ideas and comments so helpful!Taking photos to discuss with the client prior to staging is a really helpful idea-before your suggestion, I would have only taken the photos for my own use and reference.
Such a good idea to wait until the kids are back at school before 'decluttering' their rooms! You are absolutely right-with a bit of luck, they won't even remember what they had! I loved the advice about dealing with the husbands, too! Keep that one coming!
Thanks again,

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