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August 14, 2008


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Julie Martelo/Florida

I too have so many ideas to implement since the conference. I've been slowly working on my "list".... making some progress. I signed up for a FREE blog and got that set up. Now if I can just visit it each week to post something new and interesting. Annie, I know your site will be great when it's completed! Can't wait to see you again.

Annie Doherty

Thanks for the great business investment ideas DesAnn.

As you know I am slowly starting up the USA branch of Stagehouse and cannot wait to put your ideas into practice.

Web site first though, I didn't want to transfer all the words straight from our UK site and I am finding it more difficult than I would have thought to say the same things differently!

Happy marketing....


Julie Martelo/Florida



Yes, it really isn't work when you are following your passion. I too agree that in todays world a web site is a must!
Your web site is beautiful. I'm particularly enjoying that we at The SDP have reached out across the world and today Australia answered. Best of luck to you in all of your adventures!
Design By DesAnn of Ohio

MKDC Interior Design

Great article - when you are doing something you love and getting paid for it - is that really work? :)

Sounds like your website is a great source of leads for you - in this day and age if you have a business you really need a website.

All the best!

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