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August 18, 2008


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Annie Doherty

Thanks DesAnn

I didn't realise how different the process was until I moved here.

Using an agent purely for buying a house is VERY rare in the UK. The home buyer usually does all the work themselves, visiting agents offices and collecting details of available houses. We usually have a Main Street (often called a High Street) in each town and there are many Estate Agent stores in every town.

These homes are normally only listed with one office and so you spend quite a bit of time visiting them all. Obviously the web is also used as a source.

Then, when you have made your selection of homes to visit you then have to ring all the different offices to make your viewing appointments.

Can you see why I prefer the process of buying a home over here?

It's funny, with the economic downturn especially in housing in the UK, we are now working much more with Estate Agents/Realtors.

I believe they are seeing the advantages of providing an added service to their clients to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

I still see our role as Educators though, both to the public and the Real estate profession as to the benefits of using good, well trained, staging professionals.




Annie, Well said! Although Staging works and has been in some states for 10 years, there is still a vast population that really doesn't understand the "power" of it yet. I have the privledge of working with some forward thinking agents and they are reaping the rewards of what a Staging professional brings to the table.
I am enjoying the education in the "Worldly" affairs. I had not realized how different the world of Real Estate could be with us and the UK. Thanks for the insight!
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Annie Doherty

Thanks for your input Matt

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